Semi Permanent Make-Up

With our semi-permanent make-up treatments, we can make your eyebrows tighter and fuller thanks to the hair-fine technique. If desired, also narrower, wider and / or darker. The end result is almost indistinguishable from the real hairs and gives a very natural and well-groomed look!

Semi Permanent make-up techniques

There are several techniques that are used to apply semi-permanent make-up . For example, there are the techniques powderbrow , ultra fine hairstrokes and combibrow . Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages. You beauty stylist can excellently explain the exact advantages and disadvantages of each technique, and perhaps more importantly : which technology best suits you. Every skin is different, and some skin is more sensitive than others. As a result, not every semi-permanent make-up technique is suitable for you.

Furthermore, the chosen semi-permanent make up technique depends on whether you are missing part of your eyebrows or have bald spots in your eyebrows, whether you have light or fine eyebrows, whether you have small imperfections in your eyebrows, and what result you are aiming for . Some women like it when an eyebrow looks straight. Other women want a very natural look of the eyebrows by means of semi-permanent make up . There is a solution for every question!

Our work is characterized by the variety of techniques and the diverse tastes of our customers. You can make us choose from: microblading , ombré and combination technique. All techniques remain in place for approx. 1-2 years after the touch-up, depending on your skin type.

Hairstroke technique

With a blade, not a machine, we place very thin strokes on the skin that look like real hairs. With this technique you achieve the most natural look. Note: excl. Touch-up.

Ombré technique / shading

With this technique we create soft, tight and voluminous eyebrows. It will look like you are wearing makeup. The eyebrows will look nice and smooth with a natural soft color with a transition from light in the insides to darker in the tips. Note: excl. Touch-up.

Combination technique

This is a mix of microblading with shading. We treat the inside and top of the eyebrows with the microblading technique. We treat the bottom with the soft ombré technique for a natural, but sleek look. Note: excl. Touch-up.

Which technique suits me?

Not sure which technique is right for you? You are very welcome to come for an intake interview, to discuss the possibilities together and without obligation (and while enjoying a nice cup of coffee). Your wishes and our options are examined in this and we provide personalized advice. Even if you have old PMU, are under doctor’s treatment or are taking medication, we recommend that you contact us first. In some cases a treatment or cover-up is not always possible, unfortunately.

Important to know for our specialists:

Do you have old permanent make-up? Send us a clear photo first. This can be done via whatsapp on telephone number: 06-20407138.

> Are you diabetic? > Are you pregnant? > Are you on medication? > Do you have heart or vascular disease? > Do you use blood thinners? > Do you have an immune disorder? > Are you allergic to latex / nitrill? > Are you under medical treatment? > Do you have old permanent make-up? > Do you have pigment spots / disorders? > Do you have chronic skin conditions? > Do you suffer from haemophilia? (blood disease) > Do you have a pathological wound healing: > Do you have keloid / hyper / hypo pigmentation?

If a ‘Yes’ applies, please contact us!

All treatments are placed with Phibrows’ special pigments; the best on the market worldwide because they do not turn green or red! These are hypo-allergenic. When in doubt, we can always conduct an allergy test beforehand.

Who is semi permanent
make-up for?

Our semi-permanent treatments are intended for anyone who:

  • is 16 years of age or older;
  • always want to look neat and tidy;
  • has little or no time for make-up;
  • is allergic to make-up (our pigments are hypo-allergenic);
  • has no or few eyebrows naturally or has plucked too much;
  • have hair loss, for example due to Alopecia or chemotherapy;
  • perspires a lot so that make-up does not stay in place;
  • a lot of sports, swimming or going to the sauna and feeling incomplete without make-up;
  • does not have tight, well-shaped eyebrows.

48 hours prior to the appointment do not take alcohol, drugs or medication or under the sun or expose to UV such as sun or tanning bed;

During the first seven days after the treatment, do not wet the pigmentation, do not apply make-up, do not peel off crusts, do not go into the sauna, do not go swimming and do not expose the pigmentation to UV, such as sun or tanning bed.

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