Eyelash Extensions

With eyelash extensions you ensure beautifully groomed eyebrows. After all, you don’t want your eyelashes to go in all directions or curl. They are very practical and do not harm your natural lashes. It makes your eyelashes very special and gives your appearance a beautiful glamor boost. It looks very elegant. Not just at parties, but just every day. Eyelash extensions are something different from fake eyelashes. A big additional advantage of eyelash extensions is that you do not have to stand in front of the mirror for long. After all, you save a lot of time because you no longer have to apply mascara. All you have to do is brush your lashes and you’re done!

You can have your eyelash extensions put on at many beauty salons. The problem is that you don’t know which beauty salons are good and which are not. After all, you don’t want something as important as your eyelashes ruined by someone who is not at all good with putting on eyelash extensions or has her mind elsewhere. With word-of-mouth advertising you will probably hear from friends where they have their eyelash extensions put. This can often be a good guideline, but of course it does not offer any guarantee. It is often very personal whether someone is a real professional.

That is why it is best to have eyelash extensions put at a beauty salon that takes the profession seriously. You do not learn this trade by reading a book or watching some videos. You need an education such as the Beauty Angels Academy. This course is one of the few courses in the Netherlands on eyelash extensions that is recognized by the Central Register for Vocational Education (CRKBO). This training is checked by the CRKBO according to strict quality requirements. You are therefore guaranteed of good quality for applying eyelash extensions.

One by One eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are put on your natural eyelash hairs. You can choose different types. The One by One eyelash extensions are much longer and fuller than other types. As a result, they look completely natural and you do not feel them while wearing them. That is even more comfortable. A glamorous look without feeling any of it. Especially for women who have short eyelashes, the One by One eyelash extensions offer a solution. This way your eyelashes get the most natural look

With the One by One eyelash extensions, approximately one hundred synthetic eyelashes are placed on your natural eyelash hairs per eye. The exact number of course depends on the size of your own lashes, and of course the experience of the beauty specialist. The One by One eyelash extensions are literally glued to your hair one by one with a special glue. This is a very precise process and requires all patience. But the result is impressive. It is precisely this precise method that makes the One by One eyelash extensions look so natural. Different colors, lengths, thicknesses and curls are available to suit your look exactly. You will certainly find One by One eyelash extensions that match your look and give you a beautiful glamorous look.

What is the price of having eyelash extensions put on?

Many women feel that eyelash extensions are not cheap. That’s often a reason for women not to even consider them. But this is completely unjustified. Cheap eyelash extensions are certainly available.

The prices of eyelash extensions depend on a few factors. For example, the method used is of great importance. If they are placed in clusters, they are often cheaper than, for example, One by One eyelash extensions. In addition, the number of certificates obtained is important. Very cheap eyelash extensions are often offered by people who are not specialists. With all its consequences. But it is certainly not the case that beauty salons with certificates cannot offer cheap eyelash extensions. Certainly not. You always pay the realistic price and get value for money. Finally, the material used is of great importance on the prices of eyelash extensions. The cheaper the material, the cheaper it is. For example, synthetic eyelash extensions are a lot cheaper than those of mink.

In order to compare prices properly, you will have to take all these factors into account in order to be able to compare prices really well. An important rule of thumb is that you do not let yourself be led by unrealistic offers. When something seems too good to be true, it is often too good to be true.

Can I remove my eyelash extensions myself?

A frequently heard question is whether you can have eyelash extensions removed. Native American stories are circulating on the internet about the nightmare of removing them. Nothing is less true! First of all, eyelash extensions don’t last forever. Over time, they will disappear on their own. But you can also have them removed earlier.
Eyelash extensions are glued with a water-resistant glue. This is of course necessary, as they have to last for a while. You don’t want your eyelash extension to disappear down the drain after the first shower. That would be such a shame.

Eyelash extension specialists have a special remover at their disposal, with which you can easily remove the eyelash extensions. This process does not take long and is certainly not painful. Moreover, your natural lashes are not damaged with this remover. With this special liquid, the artificial eyelashes are detached from the natural eyelashes. That way you get rid of it in one go.

How long do eyelash extensions stay on?

It is not necessary to have eyelash extension removed. After all, they disappear by themselves over time. How long they last depends on the quality of the eyelash extensions themselves, the glue used and the experience of the stylist. In general, eyelash extensions last for four to eight weeks.

This is a natural process as your natural lashes will continue to grow. That is why after a few weeks you will see that the first artificial eyelashes fall out. If one or a few eyelashes fall out, that’s no problem at all. After all, that is still a fraction of the total number of eyelashes. It is not visible yet, just as hair loss is not visible in most people. Only after four weeks can you expect the loss of eyelash extensions to be visible. You will then see that small bites have fallen from the eyelashes. That is the time to decide whether to get your eyelash extensions topped up or removed completely. You can then put new eyelash extensions to give your look a new twist.

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